Our Mission

To provide the best summer camp tech experience to kids, instilling enthusiasm in STEM learning and sparking their interest in related careers.

Get to Know CodeKids


One day, the three of us (Brad Nickel, Richie Chimelis, and Maurice Lopes) were discussing summer camps for our kids and how we wanted our children to go to a coding camp. We are all in the technology industry and we know how important it is for children today to learn and understand programming. The only coding camp in Miami was at a local university and they were charging $1,000 per week and we knew we could do better.

So, we did extensive research on the best coding curriculums for kids. We looked at over 20 different courses and tested them out on our kids. We finally decided on 2 that were excellent and have been tested with millions of children. One of them is based on Minecraft and the other lets kids build their own games. Both are excellent at guiding children through the fundamentals of programming and both will provide value to your children long after they leave CodeKids Camp.

Now that we knew we could do it, we went for it and built the foundations of CodeKids. We hired the best programming instructors in South Florida, trained them in our approach, setup our locations, had everyone background checked and got ready to launch. Now we just need you to help us build the best place for kids to go in the summer to learn great skills they will use their entire lives.

The response has been overwhelming as people from all over South Florida have reached out to us to ask us how they can join CodeKids.

 Meet the Team

CodeKids is a team of creatives, technologists, and innovators.


Co-Founder & Marketing Ninja


Co-Founder & Curriculum Guru


Co-Founder & CEO

Instructors / Staff

Safety First!

Every instructor and staff member goes through a series of FBI OCA Level-2 – Background tests, fingerprinting, and full safety training. Your children are being guided, monitored, and guarded by the best.

Geek Certified

Our instructors are coders in the real world. They know what students need to learn and how best to teach them.

* Experienced developers
* Local school district Staff

An Investment in Your Child’s Future.

An introduction to robotics that presents the basic components of robots (sense, think, act) in a fun, hands on, and experiential way.