We understand that for most parents, this whole coding thing can be a bit confusing, so we put together a few reasons why your child should learn coding and why CodeKids Camp is the best way to do it.

Why Should Your Child Should Be In A Coding Camp?

  • The world is changing – FAST and many many jobs are being eliminated

Automation, robots, and technology will take over a huge percentage of jobs in the next 20 years. Children need today to be learning and understanding the core fundamentals of coding, so that when they are adults looking for a job, they will have an edge. They may not decide to become coders, but they need to understand how coding works if they want to work with the people that will be controlling most of the economy.

  • Understanding coding means your child will have an advantage over others in the future

It is a cutthroat world out there and your child will need every advantage when they enter the work world. Coding and understanding coding means they will have an advantage over the rest of the population.

  • They may love coding and want to pursue it as a career and make lots of money

As parents, we want our kids to be the bestsellers they can be. We want them to have a comfortable life and to have fun. The fact is though, that the world is changing and kids are making less than their parents did when they enter the workforce. Coding could help them excel and do better than we did. Your child may find that coding is perfect for them and that they love it. If they do, then CodeKids will get them started the right way.

  • Coders make a lot of money

Coders make a much larger salary than a majority of jobs in the market today. When your child is adult, they will make even more. If your child is a coder, they will be set.

  • It teaches logic and problem solving skills – Analytical thinking

Coding forces children to solve problems and to structure things logically. When your child learns coding, they can improve their skills in all facets of school and life.

  • It can improve their math skills

So many kids(and adults) think they aren’t good at math, but that just isn’t true. The fact is that anyone can be good at math if they have a reason to be goo at it and math is fun and helps them solve problems. Coders historically are far superior at math and it isn’t because they were better at it when they learned to code, but rather because coding taught them how to be good at match.

  • They will have a great time

Coding is a blast. Coding is about creating something you conceived of in your mind. Coding gives people great satisfaction, because it allows them to solve a problem and create something useful or fun and see the fruits of their work on screen.

Why CodeKids?

  • No one size fits all curriculum

Every child is unique and we decided from day one, that CodeKids wouldn’t be a factory of kids sitting at computers all doing the same courses. We wanted a better way to teach. One that is focused upon what your child will get out of it rather than keeping them quiet.

  • We have a FUN

Kids love our camp, because we make sure learning coding is fun. We also break up the day with online and offline activities to make the experience exciting and interesting.

  • Great instructors

Your child will be taught by actual coders, not clueless college students. You pay a little more for CodeKids Camp, because we hire instructors that love coding, love teaching kids, and know what they are doing. Then, we train them in our custom methodology that makes sure they understand the best way to teach kids coding. We make sure our instructors are deeply background checked and that they like teaching children.

  • We are focused on learning and fun

Our entire mission is to create an environment of true learning and fun. We built CodeKids for our own children, because the big giant corporations that had coding camps really sucked at actually teaching kids. We wanted something better, so we created it.

Do you have any other questions? Send us a text to 786-581-7227 or give us a call. We love to help parents understand the value of coding and CodeKids Camp and we will answer any questions you have.