Learn Coding
Game Development
Mobile App Development
Graphic Design/Web Design

Our camp is structured as a multi-sensory Project Based Learning (PBL) program, which is quickly becoming the learning style of the future!

– In just the first week, students will learn such concepts as:


Cyber Security/Networking

Game Development

Future Technologies like VR, Augmented Reality, A.I. & Renewable Energy

Our Curriculums

Choose the lesson plan or let them stay for a full day and experience a well rounded and complete lesson plan covering computers A to Z.

CodeKids campers will learn the basics of visual communication, Infographics, Color Theory and design concepts as well as how to develop these skillsets to build logos and their own custom website.

We provide personalized instruction & hands-on learning. Not a daycare or pass-the-time type of camp, our camps are an immersion into coding and computer programing.

Beginning in week 2, CK campers will begin learning how to create, design and prototype their very own app that can be offered on the Apple store or Android Market!

An Investment in Your Child’s Future.

Education should prepare young people for jobs that do not yet exist, using technologies that have not yet been invented, to solve problems of which we are not yet aware.