Best Computer Coding & Game Design Summer Camp For Kids

Programming Young Minds for the Protocol of Tomorrow

Do your kids love games, electronics, and computers?  Then they will love our Computer Programing Camp.  Our Instructors will walk your child through every step of our fun curriculum in which campers will learn  how to design and write/implement real code. We either start them off with Minecraft or one of our other exciting curriculums that teaches a variety of computer science concepts. It’s all up to them!  Whatever interests them the most is what they should focus on. It is important for learning to be relevant and fun!  

What is Your Child Learning this Summer?

We created this computer coding and robotics program because we are parents too. We didn’t want our kids in a summer camp where they would spend their summer days on activities that do nothing to enhance their academic future.  Your child will join our kids and together they will gain valuable coding and engineering skills.



8:30 AM – 4:00 PM

A full-day program that includes a mixed curriculum of computer coding and game design as well as robotics, and Virtual Reality.

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We generally recommend atleast 2 weeks, but kids will get a lot out of it no matter how many weeks you choose. Either way your kids will love to learn with our fun and personalized approach.

JUNE 2017

June 12 – 16
June 19 – 23
June 26 – June 30

JULY 2017

July 3 – 7
July 10 – 14
July 17 – 21
July 24 – 28


July 31 – Aug 4
Aug 7 – 11


What a Code Kid learns at our camp will open up a world of possibilities in their future!

Beginning on the first day of camp, kids will have a choice between curriculums, concepts and objectives based on their interests.

Week 1

Day one covers basic hardware knowledge which is followed by an introduction to computer coding. They will also learn game design, web design, and basic computer science concepts. Campers will then learn about cyber security and internet safety, networking, and information technology.

Game Design

Campers can either create their own levels and objectives by coding straight into Minecraft using Python or they can make a their own game with a custom character, playable levels, and an objective all within a week! The best part is, after they finish, they will be able to offer their games in the iTunes or Android App store so they can show all of their friends the cool new game.

Web Design

Campers learn to write computer code with a focus on function and design. They will begin by learning the design process and conceptualization. Those interested  can develop their own computer website.  Instructors provide guidance and show campers how much fun creating a website can be!

Graphic Design 

Learn the principles of graphic design, visual communication and web design after completing intro week.
In this course you will learn about what a graphic designer does. Also the principles of typography, basic color theory and visual communication layout will be covered. Create your own logo, brand and a website to display your art to the world.

Top Skills Gained Through FUN Games & Activities!

Your child will learn valuable skills as they learn to write code in Python, PHP, HTML, JAVASCRIPT and participate in team building lessons.

Fun & Educational

We started this program because we are parents too. We didn’t want our kids in a summer camp where they would spend their summer days on activities that would not enhance their academics, or worse let them forget what they learned all year at school.

Real Learning

We provide personalized instruction & hands-on learning. This is not a daycare or pass-the-time type of camp. Our camps offer immersion in coding and computer programing along with online and offline logic-based activities all day long. Our instructor to camper ratio is one of the highest in the industry at 1:6 (One instructor to every six campers).


Our camp rates are 60% to 70% less than other comparable coding camps like “ID-Tech” (published rates of $699 – $969 p/week). Our curriculum includes the very popular Minecraft Learn-to-Mod coding course as well as several licensed and proven coding platforms to engage any camper at any skill level.

An Investment in Your Child’s Future.

Education should prepare young people for jobs that do not yet exist, using technologies that have not yet been invented, to solve problems of which we are not yet aware.